The Story of Shirley – an unsure start to a happy ending


I want to show you two photos. Two photos that at first appear the same but in truth are two very different photos. I am going to tell you why from a very personal point of view and I hope you will indulge me but these photos to me are THE exact reason that small animal welfare charities like Rain Rescue need your support.

The dog you see in both photos is Shirley. Just a few weeks ago Shirley was in the pound facing a very uncertain future. Just another Staffie right?! Wrong … She is the first dog I knew I had to try and save. Steve as you know visits the dog pounds regularly making that heart wrenching decision of which dogs to bring back with him, it’s always the faces of the ones you can’t bring back that will never leave your thoughts. We are small but we save as many as we can, the sad fact is we can’t save them all. On this particular occasion it was myself, and two more of the team who visited the stray kennels and had to make that decision. For me it was the first time that I had had to make that choice.

Shirley was there, she was wagging her almost bald tail at me and wiggling that chunky Staffordshire bum all around her kennel – her boobies sagged low to the ground jiggling allover the place, as funny as that sounds it was HEARTBREAKING. This poor girl had been used, abused and thrown away. Despite this she still wanted my attention. The attention of a human. The same breed that had surely caused her this trauma in the first place. So of course we all agreed she had to come back to RAIN with us.

She settled well on the first night. Great I thought. Cut to the first photo. This is Shirley after I spent an hour sat on the office floor with her to calm her down. She was exhausted – to say she wasn’t coping in kennels was an understatement. She was spinning and pacing so badly her paws were bleeding. She hadn’t had a wink of sleep in days and she was panting for breath so badly. I’ll be honest I panicked a little – what on earth was I going to do? I tried the calming spray, I tried the toys, I tried the long walk, I tried moving her to different areas etc etc it wasn’t working. Quite literally kennels were going to kill this dog.

Then a miracle happened. Anti P had a space in her foster home and she was there to come and get her within a hour of my call to say how bad Shirley had got. A few weeks of rest, rehabilitation and love in Anti P’s house and now we can cut to photo two! That is Shirley last night asleep in her new forever home, between her new dad and new best doggy friend, calm, loved and safe. And that is RAIN magic dust at its best!! Keeping Shirley safe and finding her a wonderful new home was only possible thanks to the support of you. Your shares, your donations and your comments – you keep us going!


If you can please text DOGS26 £1/2/3/5/10 to 70070 or donate at - THANK YOU!

Posted on April 25, 2016
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