SUMMER – Wonderful but nervous Labrador Lady


DSC_4511Has just gone to the most perfect of homes – they were made for each other this mum and dad and she will now have all the love in the world.

This gorgeous girl has just come into Rain Rescue’s care. She’s frightened of many new things and is a little sad and bewildered at being in kennels. She can be nervous at first around some men and who knows what life she has led before. She is looking for a very caring and understanding home. She needs and deserves a calm environment that won’t be too busy and needs to be with someone who can give her all the love and time in the world.

She is an adorable dog of approx 6 years old. A typical Labrador that is very loving and affectionate. We ensure she finds the perfect home this time. Anyone with labrador experience and can offer her plenty of care and love please contact us.

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This lady has obviously had lots of puppies in the past and she is soon to be speyed so that this will never happen again.

Summer will need a secure garden and gate and a sensible owner so she cannot escape. If she becomes scared and until she settles, she could run away in fear. Her nature is lovely and tonight I sat on the sofa gave her lots of hugs and cuddles. Once Summer knows she is safe her trembling stops. Tonight she was left in the kennels at the side of Chester who was desperate to play and share his ball with her. She is happy and settled around other dogs in the kennels and out walking.

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Summer needs to find contentment and lots of love and TLC. She is a bright dog and desperate for some love in her life this time. Can you consider this lovely lady for adoption? A new home that can offer her some special comforts and the love she craves is perfect.




Posted on December 30, 2013
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