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This campaign is proudly sponsored by Michael George Commercials, S60 1BD

Right now in South Yorkshire we are suffering a cat crisis. The number of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens is on the increase. August 1st saw the launch of the Cat Smart project in Sheffield offering FREE neutering and chipping for cats in the Sheffield area. We want to offer the same in the Rotherham area.We are asking you to donate and support the Snip N Chip campaign to help improve the life of cats and kittens in the Rotherham area.


Our aim is to help cat owners to provide the best possible life for their cats. To do this we want to reduce the number of unwanted kittens, help lost cats find their way home, and offer sound advice on responsible pet ownership. We are aiming to neuter and chip 100 community cats and kittens by the end of 2017 – in addition to those who enter our care.


£2 will help us provide a flea treatment for a cat taken in from the streets

£10 will help us chip a cat ensuring should it ever get lost it can find its way home

£30 will help us a neuter a male cat and prevent him fighting and wandering out of area

£50 will help us neuter and chip a female cat, ensuring she doesn’t find herself carrying and unwanted litter.

£100 will help our campaign continue and reach out to cat owners of Rotherham and provide them with educational information as well as treatment for their cats.

No matter how much you donate you will be helping ensuring a happier, healthier future for the cats of Rotherham!

To request help with neutering and chipping your cat please email

Posted on August 5, 2017
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