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May 12, 2016

Lots of New Dogs Arrive

Meet Tinker just one of seven new dogs to arrive in our care today. Tinker was saved from the stray kennels along with Mowgli, Poppet, Vinnie, and Ella. We also had a desperate call from a lady who needed to Rehome her two dogs due to sad circumstances so we also saw the arrival of […]


April 15, 2016

Honey – Nobody’s Dog

Saved by RAIN, the importance of microchip registration Just one year ago. Honey was in a stray dog pound awaiting being killed. She was to be killed as her microchip wasn’t registered by the vet who implanted it. By the owner or even by the chip company. She was thought to be an imported dog […]


January 2, 2016

Happy New Year! A Great Start to 2016 for RAIN

Sorry it has been a while since we updated, it has been a busy festive season here at RAIN. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and would like to wish you a Happy New Year from all of here at RAIN. It is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on a rollercoaster of […]


December 8, 2015

The New Years Eve Kennel Sleepover

As you know we work for the amazing charity Rain Rescue, a charity based in South Yorkshire saving dogs and cats from crisis situations.  We are raising money to help improve the kennels. Every year hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats arrive at Rain Rescue with nowhere else to go. Some have been separated from […]


August 6, 2015

Rain Rescue on the BBC!

Did u see us on the BBC just now. Our happy story of reuniting Freya with her owner after she had been missing for 7 years! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Freya was found after being trapped in our TNR program – this valuable work often goes unnoticed but it not only improves the health of […]


July 12, 2015

Stop The 77!

Please watch this extremely powerful video showing how we as humans must learn to speak our dogs language as they cannot speak ours. Our dogs speak to us all the time we just don’t listen. This wonderful video highlights how the majority of dog bites could be avoided if we listened to what our dogs […]


June 24, 2015


If you were anywhere near the beach at Bridlington yesterday you might have seen a wonderful sight. Rescue dogs getting a run along the sand and sea. What amazing photos these are … from the stray kennels to this. Not bad eh?! …. All they would like now is forever homes and families to love […]


June 19, 2015

Prayers For Madge

How amazing are these photos from Madge’s day out at the seaside? Foster mum Nikki was determined to make sure that today was a happy day full of wonderful memories for Madge who tomorrow faces more tests to find out exactly what is going off with the mass of tumours she has. As you go […]


April 8, 2015

Update on Rolo!

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who donated to Rolo’s appeal. Your support means we can help dogs like Rolo in their time of crisis. If you missed it Rolo is a young crossbreed boy who arrived with RAIN last week after being involved in a road traffic accident. His eye was so badly […]