Thank you to the Sheffield Law Society for a wonderful night when you supported Rain Rescue

IMG_6744Rain Rescue were one of the 2 chosen charities to be supported by The Sheffield Law Society. This was fabulous recognition from their President Giles Searby and thanks to his partner and one of our fabulous volunteers Nicky for recommending us to them.We have had a great year being supported by them.We really did have a lovely night and THANK YOU to all who have donated on the night and at the Auction to raise funds for our fabulous local charity.Special thanks to Giles for choosing us and his great stand in when it was so sad that Brian Blessed couldn’t attend because he had been taken poorly that day.

The highlight was an evening on Friday at the Sheffield Cutlers Hall where a few of us were invited to a wonderful meal and attended a great event and got to put on our glad rags.

Hope you feel better soon Brian – we SO wanted to meet you and introduce you to our fabulous charity – don’t think you have got away from us that easy – we are still out to meet you. Speedy recovery

Once again – thank you for a wonderful night and ps – if anyone who’s who that cheeky lady is in the background running off with the bunches of flowers, please let us know – she’s a Barnsley lass thats for sure. (chuckle chuckle)

Posted on February 10, 2014
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