Thumper and Biscuit – homeless puppies.


Meet Thumper and Biscuit an adorable pair who have found themselves homeless at such a young age. Thumper the bigger boy (darker face) is the shyer of the two who takes confidence in his more outgoing little sister Biscuit (white and tan). He ideally needs another confident female dog in his life.

Thumper and Biscuit are just 12 weeks old and are looking for a home where they will not be left for long periods of time, and will receive all the hands on training and socialisation they will need to grow up into well rounded adult dogs.

Things to consider when getting a puppy :

- They take lots of time. Puppies need time spent with them both for training and socialisation purposes. This includes toilet training, lead walking and how to interact with humans, dogs and other animals.

- They cost money. Although all that Thumper and Biscuit need initially is included in their adoption package, the ongoing costs of responsible dog ownership needs to be considered ; insurance / vet fees, a good quality diet, regular flea and worming treatments, training classes, grooming,

Thumper and Biscuit have an adoption fee of £300 each, included in this is their health check, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, flea and worming treatments, collar, lead, Red Dingo ID Tag and 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance.

Posted on January 27, 2017
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