Tinsel – 4 month old lurcher baby


Tinsel has gone to a fabulous home today and her new big brothers will be able to teach her lots of tricks.  Sometimes you just know when the right home has come along – and this was it with Tinsel – Perfect.

Hi, my name is now Tinsel – ok I know its not fab – but thats what they decided to make me look cute???  HA – I’m not cute.

I’m a puppy – and you all know what puppy’s are like, we are mischievous and I like to be entertained and played with.

I’m looking for a new home, where you will not leave me for long periods of time – certainly no more than 3 hours at a time, and where I could have a nice male neutered go to play with too that would be nice with me.

I will need firm fair rules because I like my own way – maybe thats why someone handed me into the dog pound?  Who knows, I know i didn’t like it in there and it was SO nice those people from Rain Rescue came and saw me and felt SO sorry for me, and took me home.  I now have a nice warm coat on in the kennels, but would still like to be in my own nice home?  Please

Hope to hear from you soon.




Posted on December 17, 2012
Categories: Adopted In 2012, News, Our Diary