Toby & Tilly – Two older Yorkies


We are two little yorkshire terriers that have found themselves on troubled times.

We have always lived together and was very happy with our home – but sadly our owner has died and we were left homeless. Thankfully Rain Rescue have a couple of yorky mad foster people, and so thankfully we haven’t had to go into a dog pound or even rescue kennels.

We are being fostered in Sheffield. We can only be re-homed together, because we are devoted to each other. Surely any yorky lover would want us both anyway.

We aren’t too young – but are still very sprightly – they say we are around 8 years old, but the people at the rescue think we are much younger – ha life in the old dogs yet.

Please if you have a lovely home – would you like us to come and live with you?

Posted on December 2, 2011
Categories: Previously Adopted