Two More Into The RAIN Fold


Say hello to Sasha the GSD and Roy our Staffordshire gent both who arrived into the RAIN fold today from the stray kennels. We are going to let them both settle in and once they have been assessed they will be looking for their forever homes.


RAIN strives to continue to be here for dogs just like Sasha and Roy. Dogs that perhaps just 7 days ago could have been in a home and through no fault of their own found themselves in the stray kennels. Not claimed by any owner and facing an unknown fate. RAIN have saved the lives of thousands of pets from crisis situations. Primarily savings dogs due to be put to sleep in the stray kennels and cats abandoned on the street who have no one else to care for them.

We aim to promote responsible pet ownership by educating the public and raising awareness of the plight of abandoned pets but we need the support of our community to help us. Whether its by a small donation or by sharing this post to your family and friends, it all helps make a better future for pets just like Sasha and Roy.

Posted on June 30, 2015
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