Update On Jinx In Foster


Our little Jinx is now in foster and doing really well, here is an update from his foster mum Amber on how he is doing …

“Hes been a really good lad! Hes such a character. He was really fussy and craved attention when he first met us but he is really settling in now. He loves his walks and is brilliant on the lead.. no pulling at all! Although he came with the cage as a precaution to chewing, Im really happy to say hes fine outside the cage, even when left for short periods on his own…I found this out when I arrived home from my 3 hrs work where I left him in the cage… The little devil had managed to open it and have the run of the house.. No problem though as he only had hes toys out . he also sleeps in bed with me and settles straight away and snores all night until I wake him the next morning. Hes guna make a great addition to a young family.”

Posted on March 20, 2015
Categories: Available For Adoption, News, Our Dogs