Here are what people have to say about Rain Rescue and the work we do …

Hi before I adopted Autumn a Staffordshire bull terrier was not my preferred choice but after looking through at all the rehoming sites and been told in particular about rain and seeing that there is a lot of this breed in these kennels and seeing the photos of Autumn we decided to see her , and all I can say is what a fantastic decision we made all the stigma about SBT is rubbish all Autumn wants to do is play with toys lay on your lap and be cuddled and loved sees never barked once or reacted to another dog when on walks it’s always the other way and has brought us so much enjoyment and laugher with her character SBT to me are so loyal and loving I would say to anyone to give a SBT a chance


- Chad Pierpoint (converted Staffy lover)


By the time I approached Rain Rescue, I was almost desperate for a companion. I’ve been bed- and house-bound for years and live alone, so I’d almost given up hope of ever having a pet even though care agencies now are beginning to offer pet care as part of their packages.

I emailed Thornberry at the same time as Rain Rescue so I can tell you exactly how far above and beyond Rain Rescue went to find me a suitable companion: Thornberry sent a one-line response telling me (paraphrasing) that “all cats are escape artists and won’t suit an indoor lifestyle”, which I knew was misinformation because I have several friends with happy indoor-only cats in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

Sue Utley at Rain Rescue, however, spent close to two weeks emailing back and forth with me to get to know me and my needs, and to make sure whatever cat came to live with me would be happy here. She never once told me “it’s too hard to find a cat for you” and never implied that my disabilities would prevent me from looking after a companion. Even when the cat originally earmarked for me (Izzy) started crying for the outdoors, Sue didn’t give up. We were both prepared for a long wait for the perfect cat – only for Sue to suggest my KitKat (then Crystal) only a day or two later.

Sue and KitKat’s foster mums even delivered KitKat right to my door and made sure she was comfortable (as comfortable as a cat can be in a new place, at least), and that I had everything I needed, before leaving. They really went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure KitKat found her forever home, and I’m so grateful to Sue for taking so much time to help me.

- Emma Hinks

The best animal welfare charity in South Yorkshire.

- Lu Anderson

Without the help of Rain Rescue our dog Macie who was rescued and treated by Rain Rescue may never have pulled through.

- Edward Denston

Rain Rescue is a fantastic yet understated charity, they help so many animals and many that you never even hear about, they have been fantastic in helping me with vet fees for many many needy rescued ferrets and allowed to advertise them on their page when the time comes for getting a new home.

Long may Rain continue in their wonderful, life saving work, I don’t know where many animals would be without them.

- Jill Matthews

The job Rain Rescue do is amazing my dog Jacob would not be here now had they not saved him but always remember not all dogs are as lucky as mine so please give a Rain Rescue dog a home please.

- Wayne Jackson

I’ve seen the centre where the animals are kept and it’s a very good setup. The animals seem happy and the guys looking after them do a cracking job. I think the things Rain does is simply amazing and every town/district should have a Rain Rescue in it, looking after the local strays and badly done to animals! I hope to adopt one of the dogs soon, and everyone has been really nice and very informative about the dogs they keep – so I just can’t fault at all.

- Rob Milnes

Rain Rescue is a fantastic place, we rescued our lil merlin and we love him so much thank you Rain Rescue you all do a brilliant job xx

- Amy Louise Ruddock

If Carlsberg did pet rescue centers they’d be hard pushed to beat this wonderful place.

- Martin Dunford

Wonderful caring small rescue who do fantastic work with dogs who have nowhere else to go but the vets to be put to sleep.

- Kathy Townsend

The constant and untiring work you do to rescue some of the most wonderful animals we have been given to share our lives.

- Mandy Perkin

Almost 2 years since Amy came to us from Rain, we can’t thankyou enough for saving our crazy, sweet, girl.

- Jo Clay

You guys do the most amazing job and I take my hat off to you all. As you say this is not a job it’s a way of life.

- Lisa Lefort

I don’t live anywhere near you Rain Rescue and follow the animal rescue close to my home too, (in fact my beautiful Trixie is from a rescue centre) but I love your little stories and updates so much heart felt effort in all of them – so lovely to read all these lovely endings. Well done to you all.

- Joanne Gall Torres