Yogi is now available to sponsor


Remember Yogi, the tiny schnauzer boy who arrived in September 2013 in a horrendous state after being found in a rabbit hutch. Thanks to Rain Rescue he made a wonderful recovery and now lives a happy life and can often be found out fundraising for his furry friends here at Rain Rescue.


Recently Yogi was diagnosed with cruciate damage. He is currently on box rest which means he isn’t allowed any long walks and exercise and movement should be kept to a minimum. Hopefully this will heal of its own accord however if it doesn’t Yogi will face a major operation to have the damage repaired.

When Rain Rescue took Yogi into their care they knew that at some point in the future this boy may still need their help and vowed to be there whatever he needed. Should the surgery be necessary Yogi’s bill will be paid for by Rain Rescue.

If you would like to help Rain Rescue keep saving lives of dogs like Yogi and ensure they have the best future possible please consider sponsoring Yogi or one of his pals. Read more about sponsoring a Rain Rescue dog here.

Posted on February 5, 2015
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