About Us

Rescuing Animals In Need

We believe every cat and dog has the right to a good life, free from fear and pain.

Entrance to our site – its pretty basic, but lovely clean, bright and cheerful

Founded in 2002, our charity has saved the lives of thousands of the cats and dogs most at risk in and around Yorkshire. Our rescue centre provides the space and support needed for these abandoned animals to recover, thrive and find a loving home.

Our inside kennels, nice, calm and warm for the dogs with a great feel to them

We see the beautiful animal that is sometimes hidden under layers of pain and neglect, and match them with the owners they deserve. Our focus is on the cats and dogs that most need our help, including:

  • dogs in stray kennels who are due to be put down when their statutory seven days of care run out
  • abandoned cats who have been left alone or thrown out onto the street with nobody to care for them
Our wonderful fully secure play-field and agility equipment, where we can let the dogs play and have fun
The entrance to our cattery, where you can sit and wait until your exciting time comes to visit the cats waiting for homes.

When you adopt from Rain Rescue you don’t just change your new pet’s life, you add to your family and make it possible for us to help another in need.

Our lovely calm and clean cattery with a shop where you can buy the perfect present to make sure your new friend has just the right things

We can’t imagine life without Lottie now, it’s like she’s been here forever. We feel so lucky to have her as part of our life and she has brought so much happiness to our family’

Frank, on adopting Lottie