Hi, I'm Max

A lovable English Mastiff! You will need lots of secure outdoor space for him to explore.

Max came into our care from another rescue along with Gypsy. Max is an 8-year-old brindle Mastiff boy. We would consider finding him his retirement home together with Gypsy or on his own.

Max is full of character, personality and has the size to match! He’s friendly with people and gets super excited when you return to him. especially if you have treats on offer. When excited, he can jump up and get boisterous, which due to his size can take you by surprise. We are currently doing positive reinforcement training to help him learn some manners and not jump up.

Rarely has he been walked on a lead so he doesn’t have the greatest lead manners and will pull with all his weight (65kg+) if there’s a certain smell he wants to get to. We are currently doing ‘loose lead walking’ to help manage his strength on lead whilst using Dogmatics headcollar which makes it at least possible to hold him.

Having had no interactions with other dogs before he can make a lot of noise, barking and wants to get over to them. Due to this we will be looking for someone who has a large secure garden with 6 foot+ solid fencing as this is where the majority of his exercise will be done. He loves spending time pottering, sniffing and laying down snoozing in the sun in our paddock but Max likes to have the company of his human friends a lot of the time so doesn’t want to be left long periods.

Could Max be the new boy in your life? He is looking for an owner who ideally has giant breed experience and has a house and garden with enough space for this friendly giant and no other pets or children. You will need a large enough vehicle to transport him, and lots of towels and tissues as this breed DROOLS!!!! EVERYWHERE.

Max has been health checked by our vet, and is fully vaccinated and microchipped.


LikesFood and Fuss!
Adoption Fee£150


DogsNot great with others and would be best as the only dog.
Childrenover 10 due to size

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