Hi, I'm Salt and Pickle

We are a pair of senior sisters, who love your company, love being stroked and groomed and play with our toys and cat-nip. We are looking for a home together to give you double the fun

Their Story

Salt is an inquisitive lady, she likes to look in all the nooks and crannies and check you’ve been doing the dusting ok. Checking the top of the kitchen cupboards to ensure everything is safe. She is so easily bribed and will do anything for a dreamies. She loves running water and the drip-drop of the tap, Salt, loves her quiet time but isn’t the lap cat of the two-some. She does come for a fuss when she wants one, but will also come over when you call her. Salt loves her catnip toys or the laser pen, and then they really bring out the kitten in her. Being the proper little housewifey, Salt will make up the bed and make herself all cozy to snooze away in.


Pickle is much more the sedate one. Happy lounging around, loves being stroked until your arm falls off. Giving you a paw to let you know she’s not finished yet, keep on stroking. Pickle likes to be with people just having you around her, being in the same room – she’s happy. On her energetic times, she will instigate a zoomie session with Salt and run round the house like they have pit boots on. Pickle is the one that, once she trusts you, will lay on your lap, to continue the mammoth grooming and stroking she’s demanded. Pickle also loves to play with her toys, with a preference for the catnip toys or the laser pen.

Pickles likes to come to bed on an evening unless you fidget, if so she will take herself off to the spare room in disgust.

Both of these cheeky adorable girls will give little head nudges when receiving strokes and both use their paws (mainly Pickles) to let you know they want stroking, it is so cute.

Both cats are happy with visitors and will come and say hello, sometimes will even rub against them wanting to be stroked. Salt and Pickle have been with their foster mum now for many months. Both have been neutered and vaccinated and had some rotten teeth removed so they have a clean bill of health. Their foster mum thinks they are adorable, and says that they are so well behaved and such fun. She hasn’t seen any adverse reactions from leaving them alone for short periods of time, and both will come and greet her when she returns.

So that’s us, please message our carers if you think we can fit into your family together.


Breed Domestic Short Hair
Sex Pair: 2 Females
Age Senior
Likes Sunbathing and lazing around on the settee but we love to be stroked
Adoption Fee £160 (for the pair)


Dogs No
Cats yes
Children We would be fine with nice well behaved children
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor and outdoor

Adoption Process

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