Hi, I'm Salt and Pickle

We are a lovely pair of senior cats that would like loving in our senior years. We’ve still got lots of love to give but we have to stay together, because we love each other.

Their Story

Hey Pickle, come on, people are looking at us!

My name is Salt and I live with my sister Pickle, we are both super friendly and love to give head-butt kisses, Pickle is slightly less “in your face” than I am, but that is because I’m bravest! As soon as I show her you do strokes she has to come and see too! We have lived together our whole lives, and that’s ten years! 

So we really need a new home that can appreciate we must stay together, you wouldn’t believe we are ten, we still play, and fuss and we just can’t wait to make you fall in love with us! We are both in very good health apart from we both need to have a dental as our teeth aren’t great. However, our chunky tums show we love our food.

So that’s us, please message our carers if you think we can fit into your family together.


Breed Domestic Short Hair
Sex Pair: 2 Females
Age Senior
Likes Sunbathing and lazing around on the settee but we love to be stroked
Adoption Fee £160


Dogs No
Cats yes
Children we still have enough life left in us for a play just nothing to vigarous, we are technically grandmas now.
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor and outdoor

Adoption Process

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