APPEAL : 30 homeless cats need your help today!

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Tiddles, a senior lady cat who is partially blind and in need of a hernia op.


Kitten season is truly upon us here at Rain, we are currently caring for 6 mum cats and their litters as well as poor 10 month old stray who has just arrived who we also suspect is pregnant! Truly horrendous and just the start of it no doubt.

Fruit Gum pictured below is one of four hand rear kittens with foster mum Pam who has done an amazing job after the kittens weren’t being fed by their scared mum cat and are now slowly moving onto proper meals.

Yesterday saw Kes the cat with the poorly eyes featured in our last newsletter go off to his forever home. Fosterer Olwynne had a space so in came Tiddles, pictured above. She’s a bit blind and in need of a hernia op. Poor girl, but she’s the reason Rain is here and must continue to be here.

Caring for these cats, doesn’t come easy or cheap. All cats and kittens here at Rain are health checked, fully vaccinated and neutered as part of their adoption packages and with 30 homeless cats in our care right now your help is needed more than ever. We rely on the kind donations of our supporters to keep saving lives of stray and abandoned cats. Make a donation today.

Thank you!

Fruit Gum, one of four hand rear kittens in our care.