Cattery Assistant

Are you a cat lover looking gain practical experience and skills?

Rain Rescue are looking for anybody with enthusiasm, a willingness to get stuck in and the commitment to see a job through; if you’re not sure if our current opportunities are right for you, get in touch and we can find a way to let you contribute!

There are physical roles and more gentle roles available. The roles usually end up with the rewarding opportunity of spending time with the animals! You will need to be able to work in all weather conditions, punctual and committed, and at least 18 years old (unless on a placement through college).

What’s involved?
  • helping with routine cleaning of the cattery and animal housing
  • doing washing and laundry
  • feeding, bathing, grooming and socialising cats, getting them used to being handled
  • basic cat training, following Rain Rescue guidelines
  • monitoring health, welfare and behaviour of the cats and keeping records
What we’re looking for
  • regular commitment and reliability
  • an interest in cat welfare and experience owning or caring for cats
  • a willingness to work with cats that may have anxieties or challenging behaviours
  • able to work both as part of a team and independently
  • willingness to learn and the ability to follow Rain Rescue procedures
  • a reasonable level of fitness
Benefits to you
  • knowing you are helping homeless cats in need
  • a chance to spend time with cats without the commitment of ownership
  • stay active and healthy
  • develop your skills and gain experience
  • join a team of like minded people
We’ll look after you

The time you give to support us in our work is precious, and in return we promise to give you all the training, support and flexibility you need to do this role.

Some extra info

It costs the charity time and money to take on and train volunteers, we therefore look to you to make the most of this opportunity with us and only commit to this role if you will stay with us for a minimum of 3 months.

Rain Rescue is a charity on very limited funds and we do rely on the kindness of our volunteers giving their time. We couldn’t exist without it.

We really appreciate all of #TeamRain taking a pro-active approach to help fundraise and raise awareness. This could include attending occasional local events.