Dog Fosterer

What’s involved?
  • looking after a dog in your home temporarily until a permanent loving new home can be found. 
  • caring for their basic, medical and behavioural needs.
  • taking the dog to and from vet appointments (our vets are based in Rotherham/Sheffield).
  • taking the dog to and from viewing appointments (at our centre in Rotherham).
What we are looking for?
  • experience in handling and caring for dogs.
  • living in close proximity to the centre with suitable transport to be able to attend appointments.
  • a private and fully secure garden is needed for fostering dogs.
  • willingness to learn and follow Rain Rescue procedures and policies.
Benefits to you
  • knowing you are helping homeless pets in need.
  • enjoyment of having a pet without the long term and financial commitments.
  • develop new skills.
  • join a great team of like minded people.
  • all medical, food and equipment costs can be covered and provided by Rain Rescue.
We’ll look after you

The time you give to support us in our work is precious, and in return we promise to give you the training, support and flexibility you need.

Or contact us at [email protected] with any other questions