Our rescued animals now have somebody

Every single animal that we rescue makes everything we do worthwhile. Rehabilitating a neglected ball of fur due to be put down at the local authority pound to become a vibrant, happy pet in a loving new home is the most uplifting, rewarding experience we can imagine here at Rain Rescue.

And it's all thanks to you:

  • for generously raising and donating the funds we need to do we what we do;

  • for helping us do more by volunteering;

  • for providing homes for the amazing animals in our care; and

  • for boosting our resources by partnering with us.

If you've adopted one of our rescued animals, you'll know more than anyone the impact of Rain Rescue's work. We'd love you to share your happy ending with us and our network of supporters!

Every pet tells a story

We are proud of the fact that we are able to help more than 400 animals a year through our work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and neglected dogs and cats. But it's the individual stories that really show our impact.


Before I adopted Autumn, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was not my preferred choice, but after being told about Rain Rescue and seeing the photos of Autumn we decided to see her. All I can say is what a fantastic decision we made. All Autumn wants to do is play with toys lay on your lap and be cuddled and loved. She has brought us so much enjoyment and laugher with her character.

- Chad Pierpoint (converted Staffy lover)

Find out about our adoption process to take home a dog like Autumn.


Presley was found when someone moved into a house that had been left empty for years. He had been living on scraps from a nearby farm and was wet through after being outside in the garden in heavy storms. We took him in and helped him build up his strength, and now he is very happy in his new loving home, where you can see him sleeping off a hard day's work exploring the new garden – without any storms!


Take a look at cats like Presley who are now waiting for a home.


Blossom, a gorgeous black pug, was saved from the stray kennels after having been used for breeding to produce puppies over and over and over, then thrown away when she was no longer of use. We received over 80 applications to adopt her, but one home stood out from the rest and Blossom was whisked off to live with her pug sister! Here they are two years after she was adopted – loving life.


Look for your new companion from among our dogs waiting for adoption.


Tell us about your own happy ending with a Rain Rescue animal – we'd love to share!

Or change your life – and that of an animal that needs you – by adopting a rescued animal from us

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