Where are we now?

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Can you donate an Easter gift to our animals? ?The impact of COVID has been devastating for so many charities. We owe everything to our incredible supporters and we wouldn’t be here without them, but sadly we are not out of the woods just yet. We’re still living hand to mouth. Still saving lives. Still giving more love and care to dogs and cats who would die without us. But still not knowing where our next penny is coming from. ? Since January 1st we have taken in an additional 64 cats and 22 dogs. Our wonderful Fosterers have cared for many animals, and 55 cats and 18 dogs have been adopted. ?We have come so far! Please, please don’t let us fall at this final hurdle. ?This Easter, please give an Easter Gift no matter how large or small to those animals who still need our help. You can either donate using the button above or dedicate your donation to a family member or a beloved Pet by purchasing a Paw Print. ?Your help is so desperately needed by these animals who will suffer even longer and die without us at Rain. The suffering to which they have been subjected is not their fault – please give as much as you can so that we can keep on alleviating their pain and bewilderment. ?Thank you so much for any support you can give us – it truly means the world.