Kitten applications Closure

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Of all the potential side effects to the Covid crisis, the last thing that we expected was such an unprecedented increase in the amount of people looking to invite a rescue cat into their lives.
It is so wonderful to see so many of you chosing to adopt rather than shop, and yet it is so unfair that, right now, we just can not keep up with demand. We currently have 41 cats and kittens in our care right now, but lots are either too young, nursing or undergoing treatment for medical conditions so aren’t ready for adoption just now.

We have had so many lovely enquiries from people looking to welcome a kitten into their home, that we have taken the decision not to accept any more expressions of interest for the kittens we have in our care, until we have processed the applications we already have, as they become ready for adoption. 

Please be patient, this is a phenomenon that seems to be across the country and beyond and is not restricted to us. We would ask that you do not rush out to buy a cat from an untrustworthy source, as one wrong decision could cause you to unwittingly end up lining the pockets of an unscrupulous breeder.