Legacies and In Memory

Gifts in Wills

Leaving a Gift in your Will to Rain Rescue is a very special way to show your kindness, understanding and love of animals. You are leaving a lasting legacy by ensuring you are still there for the hundreds of abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in and around South Yorkshire in years to come.

With Bequeathed you can make a start on your Will immediately. Simply click on the box below and follow the steps to create your Will online today for free.

Donate In Memory

Donating in memory of a loved one, friend or pet is an incredible way to remember them and to celebrate their life. Join our unique Rainbow of personalised pet tags to leave a lasting dedication in their memory and fill our site with colour, hope and love for all the animals in our care.

Friends and family can also make a donation direct to Rain Rescue in memory of your loved one or in lieu of funeral flowers. Every donation, no matter the size, is helping to give every animal in our care the chance of living their best life.