Do you need financial help to neuter your cat?

There are many benefits to neutering ALL cats, and we see all the time, the results of too many cats being born. We urge every owner to be responsible, think before they take on a pet just how expensive all the vet bills will be, neutering is one of those vet fees you simply can’t ignore. Not only is neutering your cat the biggest preventative thing you can do to save more cats lives in the future, but it will have massive benefits to your cat too.

Did you know male cats if left un-neutered will be attacked by other males and can catch the terrible FIV/FELV virus which depletes their immune system and can kill them. They can get very badly damaged by the bits and fights from the other larger tom cats, and will often be chased out of area. Its not all – “leave it to the girls”

Females can be bred from at just 4 months old. They will be attacked and mated constantly by all the males out on the streets. Its horrific and frightening experience for them and then, when they are just a kitten themselves, they are giving birth at just a few months old. Its truly horrid. Any breeding can also lead to vet bills if there are complications, can you afford that to protect your cat?

Please we can’t ask enough – please keep your cat indoors until you can afford to neuter it.

Rain Rescue as a charity, want to help the people of Rotherham to neuter their cats and so if you need your cat neutering and are struggling to pay – we maybe able to help. However, it means the charity is paying for this, so please help us by paying as much as you can yourself. Due to COVID changes, many vets now are not neutering cats for rescues but they will for individual owners. So:-


  1. your cat isn’t neutered
  2. you live within the Rotherham area
  3. can pay for some of the neutering yourself
  4. will get your cat microchipped if they aren’t already

Rain Rescue maybe able to pay upto £40.00 towards this.


  1. The invoice for us to pay must be in Rain Rescue’s name
  2. We will not pay more than £40
  3. You must have your cat microchipped if they are not already
  4. We can only pay to the vets, and the bill for £40.00 must be in the Rain Rescue name

Our funds are very limited so we ask if you to try to pay for as much as you can yourself or see if you can qualify for financial support from another area.