Do you need financial help to neuter your cat?

If you need help with the cost of Neutering your cat, we maybe able to help people who live in a Rotherham postcode. Rain Rescue and Cat Protection will pay up to £40 for neutering your cat if you genuinely need financial help. We feel so strongly its needed. We ask that you pay £10.00 towards this and it being microchipped.

Before you apply for support with the neuter costs, please ensure you:

  • confirm with your vet they will accept Cat Protection Neuter Vouchers
  • book your neuter appointment with them (the details of which will be required when completing the application form)
  • allow 7-10 days from submission of your application form for the neuter voucher to be issued by Rain Rescue and received by your vet

Its not all – “leave it to the girls” Some facts you may be unaware of around neutering are:-

  • Neutering is the biggest preventative thing you can do to save more cats lives in the future
  • Un-neutered male cats will be attacked by other larger old Toms and can get seriously injured causing them terrible pain and you a huge vet bill.
  • Un-neutered males and females will be chased out of area and lost, often being run-over as they don’t know the area.
  • Un-neutered male and female cats can catch the terrible FIV/FELV virus which depletes their immune system and can kill them.
  • A young female can be mated at just 4 months old. They will be attacked and mated constantly by all the males out on the streets. Its horrific and frightening experience for them and then, when they are just a kitten themselves, they are giving birth at just a few months old. Its truly horrid. The kittens born are usually unhealthy and often die.
  • Breeding can lead to vet bills and health complications
  • The only safe way to prevent un-neutered cats being bred is to keep your cat indoors and away from any other un-neutered cat if at home.
  • Un-neutered toms will spray the house leaving a smell thats will carry on your clothes and is most unpleasant and hard to get rid of ,
  • Un-neutered males and females are desperate to get outside during mating season (March – November) the she cat crying out and the tom trying to escape. Their temperament is often nasty as their hormones are going wild. They can’t help themselves. This all usually calms down after a few months once neutered and hormones settle down.