Donate to buy Vinyl gloves so we can keep the centre clean


Your donation will buy a pack of 100 latex gloves

  • ✅MEDIUM Powder Free Gloves are ideal for health care personnel with sensitivity to powdered or latex gloves


Help us keep our kennels and cattery hygienic and disease-free.

This is to purchase a pack of 100 vinyl medium disposable gloves so that we can keep the cattery and kennels clean and not transfer germs to the next pet.

Not the most exciting product on the list but certainly the most used and always requested.

When you buy an item from the Rain Rescue Wishlist it will be delivered directly to the rescue centre for the cats and dogs.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another item that we are in need of. We treat all purchases of wishlist items as donations and will spend the money where the need is greatest to helps us to provide our animals with the best care possible. No returns or refunds are available on wishlist items.