‘Sunflower’ Design on Greyhound House Collar (Red)


This is a beautifully embroidered RED HOUSE COLLAR with the gorgeous Sunflower design.

The design shown is a house collar.

ALSO Available in 40mmm and 50mm width as clip or house collar, full Martingale or reduced Martingale.

House collars can still have the ID tag attached (also available to buy from the kennels) and are more gentle on your greyhound’s thin coat of fur preventing the fur from being rubbed away from continuous wear, unlike a leather collar which is not comfortable to be worn in the house.

During the checkout process there is an option to add measurements of your dog’s neck and widest part of their head. Please fill this information and any other requirement into that field so that we can make sure it will fit correctly.

A full Martingale is the traditional collar for Sighthounds and the design covers the full circumference. Whereas a reduced Martingale is closed with 25mm webbing which results in less bulk at the front of the neck. If you have a skittish dog I would recommend the full Martingale over the reduced.


Walking-out collar in the  ‘Ziggy Star dog’ created by Jane Wren design

This sale is for the BLUE 50mm full Martingale collar and includes Postage and Packing

Also available in RED and as 40mm martingale or 40mm and 50mm widths as house collar, full Martingale or reduced.  Leads and key tags also available in matching colours.

Collars are sold to raise funds here at Rain, as we take many ex-racing greyhounds off the tracks and find them lovely new homes.  You can see some of our greyhounds wearing our fabulous collars here www.rainrescue.co.uk/dogs.


House collars are designed to be comfortable and gentle as well as pretty for your hound to wear around the house.  Not to be used as walking out collars.

You can send us measurements of your dog’s neck and widest part of their head and any other requirement into that field so that it can be made to fit correctly.

Our collars are created by a husband and wife team Julia and Steve.  Steve uses his embroidery and sewing talents to create beautiful pieces for you to enjoy and they find lots of unusual and bespoke designs to use for their collars. They are also dog lovers and are owned by a Lurcher and two Greyhounds, so understand the need for well made safe and reliable collars.

The artwork for their own collars is unique so you won’t find them anywhere else but they do work with some rescue centres allowing us to raise funds for our dogs.  They have designs from very talented artists and a range of designs that have been donated to raise funds so that they can support dog rescues like Rain Rescue.