Raffle Ticket Bundle


If you’d like to be in with a chance to win some amazing raffle prizes, you can pop over to the

Rain Rescue Auction page that we run on Facebook.

On the auction page, you can pick 3 numbers for the bargain price of £5.00, then come back here and pay for them.

This is just for the Raffle prizes and not the Auction sales

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To purchase 3 raffle tickets for the bargain price of just £5.00.  They are normally £2.00 a ticket.  Visit the Facebook page and pick your numbers, then come on here and pay and let the Rain Rescue Auction page know you’ve paid.


This is for the BUNDLE giving you 3 tickets for £5.00

Visit the Facebook page above, and there is usually a raffle running.  Here you can select however many numbers you wish and put a message on the page.  Then pop onto here, and then you can pay for the numbers on here.

We used to use Paypal but realise that can no longer be used and on here is the best way for us.