Hire Rain’s Dog Field


Your donation will allow you to use one of Rain Rescue’s fields for up to 1 hour to allow your dog to run and play off lead in a secured area.


Rain Rescue has 2 fields that we use for Rain Rescue dogs to run free and play.  We are now allowing ex adopters, supporters and members of the public the ability to use 1 of our small secure fields for enjoyment of the dogs to run free but also to raise funds for Rain to carry on helping more homeless dogs.

A little about using RAIN’s fields.

  • Use of the field is by a pre-booked appointment
  • The field is at the ‘V’ to the track of Moat Lane leading onto Green Lane and parking is available for 1 car to pull directly in front of the gate to the field.
  • The field is only suitable for dogs that will not escape a 3.6” fence nor could be aggressive to dogs through the fencing on the lane.
  • Usage is on a donation basis with a suggested donation of £5 per 30 minutes.

Things to be aware of:-

  • Parking is at your own risk and Rain Rescue accepts no liability for any loss or damages sustained when parking.
  • Bookings should be made in advance by emailing dogs@rainrescue.co.uk.
  • You are entirely responsible for yours and your dog(s) safety on Rain property.
  • The fields can get wet and muddy and there may be natural hazards for example, sticks, stones, sludge, puddles and holes in the field. Please dress and use the field in accordance with the weather conditions. Rain Rescue will not accept any liability for personal injury however caused.
  • All dog(s) must be on a lead when not in the secure field area.
  • Always be respectful to our neighbours and their pets and animals.
  • Customers are responsible for securing gates before releasing their dog(s).
  • All faeces and litter must be cleaned up and disposed of. Bins are provided.
  • Rain Rescue has a strict no smoking policy on all locations.
  • If your dog(s) or any dog(s) (they) live with are showing any signs of ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general illness, lethargy etc) please cancel.
  • All dogs using the fields must be up to date with flea, worming, and tick control.
  • Harsh handling of dog(s) is not allowed on site, including the use of prong/electronic collars or sprays.
  • I will inform Rain Rescue at the earliest opportunity if I need to cancel my booking.