Wishlist : Microchip a dog


Your donation will pay to microchip a dog so it can be returned to its owner should it get lost in the future.


Your donation will help to reunite a dog with its owner should it get lost in the future.  Here at Rain, we microchip every dog that comes into our care and this adds up to almost 150 microchips registered each and every year.  The majority of dogs who enter our care do so as strays with no microchip. We want to ensure they never become lost or abandoned again!

On average it costs around £5 to chip a dog. Your kind gift will help ensure a brighter future for animals to make sure they are reunited if ever they get lost.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another item that we are in need of. We treat all purchases of wishlist items as donations and will spend the money where the need is greatest to helps us to provide our animals with the best care possible. No returns or refunds are available on wishlist items.