Snuffle Mat Fun!

November 17, 2018

If you're new to the world of snuffle mats this is the perfect post for you! We use them here at the centre as enrichment, a fun game for our resident dogs where they get to do two of the things they love most - sniff & snack!  


We nestle treats within the texture of the mat ready for a lucky doggo to find by sniffing, snuffling and finally snacking! We even find our cats enjoy them too!


But, do you know the best thing about snuffle mats….you can make them yourself!  And it's super easy! So if you’d like to make one for your doggo or mog follow our method and they’ll be snuffling in no time!


EVEN BETTER, why not make one to fundraise for Rain Rescue and list it on our auction page? (Link at the bottom of the post).  We recommend listing them for £15 which translates to a night of warmth, safety and shelter for an abandoned animal, as well as a flea/worming treatment.  So much love from one snuffle! <3


It takes a few hours to make, but if you're anything like me you'll do a little bit here and there whilst watching telly!



What you need:

(I managed to get everything I need from The Range for just over £6) 


- Sink Mat

- Fleece Blanket


- Scissors

- A Measure


Step one:

Make yourself a lovely brew and put your favourite songs’s time to get craft comfy!


Step two:

Roll out your blanket and cut strips measuring 2.5cm x 15cm approx


Step three:

Starting from the outside and working in tie one strip on each bar of the sink mat (I used 2 on the outside rung so that the blanket has a nice dome shape). You only need to tie it once and it's nice and secure.

Keep on going until you've tied a strip on every bar.


Step four:

List your mat on the Rain Rescue auction page and start fundraising today :)



It’s that simple!!  I really enjoyed making mine and will definitely be making more to list on Rain’s even if crafting isn’t your cup of tea but you know your lovely dog or cat would enjoy this fab game, keep an eye on our auction page where you'll be able to buy one.  Not only are you investing in something fun and stimulating for your pet but you’ll be helping a homeless pet too. Double the joy!



Rain Rescue auction page:


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