Find out why a Rain Rescue pet is like no other

Why adopt with rain rescue

Rain Rescue exists for the animal who has nobody else.

 Why adopt with Rain Rescue 

Adopting through Rain Rescue gives you the opportunity to transform the life of an animal who deserves the very best, often after a long period of neglect and/or abuse. Not only will you be giving your new companion the opportunity to thrive that may have been missing from their lives, but you also get to play a vital part in building their new, happy lives in their forever home.

Everything we do is centred on rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming pets who need help – and it's in the last of these stages where you can make sure everything we do leads to a happy ending for everyone. It may be the last stage in our process, but for your new pet this is the beginning of an exciting new life with you.

What's more, by adopting one animal, you'll be helping at least one other by freeing up a space in our rescue centre for another dog or cat who needs our support!

We're with you and your new pet all the way

Rain Rescue spent close to two weeks emailing back and forth with me to get to know me and my needs, and to make sure whatever cat came to live with me would be happy here. Never once told me “it’s too hard to find a cat for you”.


KitKat’s foster mums even delivered KitKat right to my door and made sure she was comfortable, and that I had everything I needed, before leaving. They really went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure KitKat found her forever home, and I’m so grateful to Rain Rescue for taking so much time to help me.


- Emma Hinks

We help the dogs and cats who have nobody else


For every animal, you can rely on our:

  • Personalised matching service

    • We aim to match the right pet to the right home and vice versa, ensuring the needs of pet and owner are both met.

  • Quick and easy adoption process

    • We want to make everything as smooth as possible for you and your new animal, so our streamlined process will enable the two of you to get home together before you know it!

  • Access to post-adoption support 

    • Whatever support you may need, you will always be able to rely on access to the help you need from our knowledgeable and experienced team members.

We make it easy and cost-effective

At Rain Rescue, the one-off adoption fee of around £220 for a dog (dependant on age / breed) and £75 for a cat , £95 for a kitten, covers some of the costs we incur in rescuing and rehabilitating each animal. By taking away the stress and cost of organising these vital steps, we enable you to focus fully on welcoming your new pet to your home and your life – as it should be!

What may look like a bargain on an online listing site or from someone who lives around the corner will usually end up costing a lot more – financially and in time – when you need to look after them properly. At Rain Rescue we do the hard work before you start, and have the experience, knowledge and reputation to set you and your new pet up properly.

Your dog

  • Before you take your Rain Rescue dog home, they will have been (according to their individual situation):

    • Vaccinated (saving £53)

    • Microchipped (£20)

    • Flead (£7) and wormed (£5)

    • Neutered (£150)

    • Vet health-checked (£35)

    • Assessed for training and education needs

    • Insured for four weeks with Petplan

  • Other costs may have included:

    • Time spent in our care (approx £10/night)

    • Medical treatment (unlimited)

  • We also provide the following:

    • ID tag (£12.50)

    • Collar (£9.50)

    • Lead (£3)

Your cat

  • By adopting a cat from us, you might be saving on:

    • Initial flea and worm course (£12)

    • Neutering and microchipping (£65)

    • Blood test (£30)

    • Initial vaccinations (£60)

    • Vet health check (£35)

Best of all, by adopting a Rain Rescue dog or cat, you'll get that fantastic feeling of knowing you have saved the life of an animal in crisis.

What are you waiting for? See the cats and dogs waiting for you to give them a home!


Rain Rescue are full and inspected members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes.  

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