Adoption of a dog

Available for Adoption

Dogs need to find new homes for many reasons.  Sometimes they just ended up in the wrong home, the first time around.

A dog in rescue will often be confused and needs time to work out, that his past life has now gone.  Its hard for them to understand here in kennels lots of different people coming and looking after them.  Different faces, different smells and different words.  Dogs are super clever and really try to understand us, but even though we try hard to be consistent – the nature of them being in kennels is upsetting and confusing for them.

Once they meet you, again you are another stranger and they don’t realise that you want to help them and only want the best for them.  They are in a confused state.  We people know that, but the dog doesn’t.  Its up to us to help them understand and explain things to them as best we can.

We are here for you as we want whats best for you and your new dog

Over the years, Rain Rescue have learned how to best help the dogs needing new homes.  The nature of what we do is to try to find the right home for the dog and the right dog for the home. Thats how you get a lifelong match.

We ask questions about your home life and the sort of things you would like to be able to do with your new dog, how much time you have available and how much exercise you would like to be doing out and about with them.

If you enjoy fell walking at weekends, but want to be out and about at work in the week, thats a huge ask for any dog – some can fit in, but its not easy to expect them to do both.

Likewise, if you really enjoy a short potter to the shops, your not looking for the one that will be out hill walking each day. Your lifestyle dictates the sort of dog that will nicely join in with you.  Which is also what we want to do for the dog in our care.

If we have an elderly dog that doesn’t want much hassle, usually they don’t want to go into a busy household.  At their time in life, they are usually after a calmer setting.

We help the cats and dogs who have nobody else
  • We aim to match the right pet to the right home and vice versa, ensuring the needs of pet and owner are both met.
  • Quick and easy adoption process.  We want to make everything as smooth as possible for you and your new dog.  We never want a dog in kennels any longer than needed but we don’t want them out of our care, until we understand them.
  • Access to post-adoption support 
    We will always help and advise you in whatever way we can after you have taken your pet home. 
  • We want you to have the best experience, and your new pet to be settled and in the right home.
Our adoption fees

At Rain Rescue the one-off adoption fee of around £250 for a dog, £100 for a cat and £150 for a kitten, covers some of the costs we incur in rescuing and rehabilitating each animal.

Many animals come into our care with medical needs which we will try to understand before they are rehomed. 

Where you see £10.00 kittens in the paper, or £50.00 dogs – you just need to build in the extra costs you may incur as you bring your new dog or cat up to being healthy and ready for their new future.

You receive so much included in your adoption price

Before you take your Rain Rescue dog home they will have been (prices are estimated):-

  • Vaccinated (£53)
  • Microchipped (£20)
  • Treated for fleas (£7)
  • Wormed (£5)
  • Neutered (£150-£300)
  • Vet health-checked (£35)
  • Assessed for training and education needs
  • Insured for four weeks with Petplan
  • Behavioural support plan

Other costs may have included:

  • Time spent in our care (approx £10 per night)
  • Medical treatment (£100-£2000)